KENT Tipi Hire

Raw Tipis supply a variety of tipi sizes, furniture, and decor to help you plan the best party, festival, wedding, or corporate gathering in Kent County. Go above and beyond to impress your guests with Raw Tipis imaginative tipi layouts.

We’ll provide you with the creative freedom you want while supporting you with the information and supplies you need. No matter where you are in Kent, whether in the suburbs of London or on the calm English border, our tipi sizes and imaginative layouts can cater for you. Find everything you need to know about possible layouts and furnishings in our brochure.

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Tipis Available for Hire in Kent

We provide a one on one service to tailor your event to your specific needs. We recognise that not every party involves a large number of guests and out-of-this-world decoration, so we are pleased to supply our tipis even for smaller gatherings. Anything to liven up your Kent event.

Giant Hat Tipi

In Kent, we can supply our Giant Hat Tipis to accommodates up to 80 people with the sides raised (with furniture) or 50 people with the sides lowered. This tipi is 10.3m wide with the sides lowered or 12.9 with the sides raised.

Midi Hat Tipi

Smaller than the Giant Hat but still as impressive. Hold your Kent spectacular event in the Midi Hat Tipi for up to 50 people with the sides raised (with furniture) or 35 people with the sides lowered. This tipi is 8.8m wide with the sides lowered or 10.9 with the sides raised.

Mini Hat Tip

The smallest of the lot, the Mini Hat Tipi is 5.5m wide and is the perfect addition to your Kent event as additional shelter or separate relax area.

This 2022 season and beyond, Raw Tipis can provide you with something truly special. All three tipi sizes and our furniture can be arranged in a bespoke layout with your location and event in mind.

Find out more about our dedicated services for weddings, festivals, private parties, and corporate events. Or get in touch today and let us help you plan the perfect gathering.

Why Plan With RAW Tipis?

Raw Tipis make event planning as simple and stress-free as possible. We help can help you find your venue, design your tipi and outdoor layout, source your furniture and decorations, and choose suppliers from everything from food vans to shepherd hut toilets.

Did you know your booking means you have the tipis for the whole weekend? Fairy lights and durable matting are included and you can choose to add on: festoon lighting for outside the tipis, matting to create pathways, furniture for inside and outside of the tipis, and decorations for the final touches.

Learn more about the available sustainable furnishings and decorations that we provide here or discover possible floor plans for your event in our brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kent too far for Raw Tipis?

Not at all! We are based in Berkshire so can easily come to all parts of Kent but there will be a slight delivery charge as Kent is outside our 15 mile free delivery radius. Once you contact us, we will either do an in-person or virtual site visit to find out what tipis work best in your space and to make sure access is available for our commercial vehicles.

Can you help us find a venue?

Yes, if you’re based in Kent and have an event idea but have not yet found a venue we have a number of suggestions for you. From farmers fields to luxury hotels and manor houses we can help you find the perfect venue for our tipis to sit in.

Can any of the tipis fit in a small garden in Kent?

We’ll carry out a site visit to make sure that we can accommodate your event in the chosen venue, but both our Midi and Mini Hat Tipis can fit in smaller spaces. With all the sides down, the Midi Hat Tipi measures just 8.8 meters in diameter and was designed to cater for smaller affairs.

Start Planning Your Kent Event Today

If you have any questions about any of the above or want to explore your options, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.
Alternatively, send us your ideas to get a bespoke quote for your event.