The Midi Hat

The Midi Hat is the new kid on the block and takes all the unique design elements of the Giant Hat but is 25% smaller. When multiple Giant Tipis are combined, they become even more impressive – but not all locations have the space and not every client has the required budget.

This is where the Midi Hat comes into its own. The Midi Hat is smaller, lighter and has a lower working height, meaning we are now able to offer smaller multi-tipi set-ups as a middle ground for our customers. The option to link tipis of this size or to connect to the larger Giant Hats was unheard of until the end of 2020.

A single Midi Hat is a manageable 10.3 metres wide with the sides up and can fit up to 72 seated guests. The headroom around the sides of this tipi is still over two metres, so walls and walkways can be added to enhance this space.

Hover over the image to raise the sides.

Imaginative layouts

Tipi layout combinations really are limitless. You can link two, three or more tipis of different sizes in any way you wish. You can even use the tipis to create interesting external spaces with festoon lighting and outdoor furniture.

We think the space outside the tipi is just as important as the inside when it is dry, so take a look at our furnishings to get inspired or at our Giant Hat tipi to see what the size up can offer.

With every single quotation we send out, a bespoke layout will be drawn up, showing you exactly what your event will look like.