The Midi Hat

The Midi Hat is the new kid on the block and takes all the unique design elements of the Giant Hat but is 25% smaller. It measures 10.9 metres in diameter with all the sides raised and can accommodate up to 50 people with the sides raised (with furniture) or 35 people with the sides lowered. It is possible to have as many as 80 people in one Midi Hat tipi is just standing, or just dining.

The Midi Hat is smaller, lighter and has a lower working height, meaning we are now able to offer smaller quicker multi-tipi set-ups as a middle ground for our customers. A single Midi Hat tipi is perfect for smaller spaces and smaller budget events like garden parties.

Both tipi sizes can have as many sides raised or lowered depending on your personal preference,  the weather, or the wind direction (hover over the diagram on the left to see the sides raise). For any out of season events we have PVC windows and doors which fit into any of the raised sides to keep in the warmth and expose the daylight, giving you a view of the outside.

The Giant and Midi Hat Tipis can be joined in unlimited variations to facilitate your specific needs and party size, this creates an inclusive space for any event in any given location.

Event location and layout

We know the importance of choosing the perfect venue for your event, thats why if your having trouble we can help, we have a number suggestions from farm fields to country manor houses.

We want to make sure there are no suprises on the day, so after you have chosen your location we check the garden size and access on google earth as well as asking for images or videos before we arrange a sight visit.

The sight visit is an opportunity fot us to meet you, check the access for our commercial vehicles, measure the sight so we can tell your your tipi arrangement options, and help with any finer details like furniture layout, generators, catering, and toilets.

To start your RAW Tipis jouney, please fill out our form which asks for details on your event ideas, one of our team will then contact you with a quote including a personalised tipi layout suggestion and from there we can start to work together to alter details to find the price and package that is perfect for you.

Midi layout

Want to find out more?

Here are some layouts of past events, each one of these is bespoke to our clients needs and is created over a number of conversations to make sure it is perfect. You can see that as well as tipi configuration we also suggest the layout of indoor and outdoor furniture and our festoon walkways.

Make sure you check out the Midi Hat tipi too to see how the size compares, and take a look at our furnishings too.

Please see our brochure for more layout ideas and information. We currently have enough tipis and furniture to run events for up to 500 people.

2 Midi Hat
Midi Lake
Mirror Ball