Our Tipis

We have two sizes of tipis that can be combined together to make interesting and unique tipi layouts of all shapes and sizes. This means your event will have a custom feel to it that you can’t get from anywhere else. We also have a smaller tent/awning called the Mini Hat, that matches the design of the tipis and is built to the same high standards.

You can add or remove tipis, furnishings, and decorations to create an event that is tailored to any occasion, appearance, atmosphere or cost.

Check out our three types of tent below or click the images to find out more information.



The Giant Hat tipi

This is the bigger of the two tipis we stock and is the industry standard. Its unique design renders it the most versatile tipi on the market, as all of its sides can be raised and connected with other Giant and Midi Tipis, creating inclusive spaces with practically unlimited variations.

The Midi Hat tipi

The Midi Hat is the new kid on the block and takes all the unique design elements of the Giant Hat but is 25% smaller. When multiple Giant Hat tipis are combined, they become even more impressive – but not all locations have the space and not every client has the required budget. This is where the Midi Hat stands out.

Mini Hat

The Mini Hat

The perfect canopy & shelter. Whether you are looking for a space to cover an outside bar, serve some canapés, or just a shelter from the rain or sun, the Mini Hat is the solution. Equally at home as part of a larger event structure or on its own, the Mini Hat is the perfect complement to the RAW Tipis range.