Tipi Furniture

Unlike other events company, all of our furniture is made in our workshop from reclaimed materials, purchased from local antique fairs, or sourced from eco-suppliers. This means all of our furniture has a story behind it and fits in beautifully with the interior of our tipis and the outside world.

Our two size hand-made reclaimed wood fire pits use bioethanol fuel instead of harmful butane. Biofuel releases no smoke and no greenhouse gases and it keeps you warm for up to 8 hours. We restore all of our oak barrels which sit nicely with our oak wooden stools, that were bought from a local antique fair. Our selection of wooden bars are skilfully created from second-hand materials, you really would never know!

The beauty of making our own furniture is that it is unique to us, and therefore unique to your event. We are constantly creating new products, so the list below is ever-expanding.

See our full stock list here

– 2 metre long rustic tables

– 1.5 metre round rustic tables

– 2 metre long rustic benches (3 – 4 people per bench)

– Bamboo folding chair

– 1, 2, 3 person handcrafted boho chairs / sofas

– Reclaimed wood coffee tables

РUp-cycled oak barrel poser tables 

– Reclaimed solid oak bar stools or metal stools

– Vintage rugs

– Moroccan pouffes

– 2 metre wide reclaimed wood straight bars

– 3.6 metre wide reclaimed wood semi-circular bar

– 3.6 metre wide reclaimed wood circular bar

– 4.5 x 4.5 metre multi-lock dance floors

– 100% eco friendly bioethanol coffee table fire pits

– 100% eco friendly bioethanol table fire pits

– Large metal outdoor fit pits + eco logs

– Bamboo poles for festoon lights

2 Midi Hat
Oakley Court Hotel - Tipis

Tipi Decorations

We provide many of the most common decorations but we leave our trusted suppliers for the finer details.

Like all of our kit, our decorations are made to the highest quality. From our hand-made jute aztec cushions to our restored waggon wheel chandiliers we believe our decorations are the perfect match for our rustic, yet luxury, tipis.

See our full stock list here

– Indoor fairy lights

– Outdoor festoon lights

– 100 year old Wagon wheel chandelier

– 50cm rotating mirror ball and spot lights

– Coloured party lights

– Jute aztec cushions

– Festival flags

– Apple crates

Oakley Court Hotel - Tipis / River
Oakley Court Hotel - Tipis