Where Can I Have a Tipi Wedding?

Tipi Weddings

September 20, 2021

If you are looking for a wedding with a twist, a wedding that embraces the outdoors or even just a unique way to celebrate, a tipi wedding is ideal for you.

Whether it’s a large wedding or a quaint close family wedding, tipis offer a great alternative option to traditional wedding venues and can create a day your guests won’t be forgetting any time soon.

In this blog we will discuss where you can host a tipi wedding as well as how to plan one and what cost you are realistically looking at for a tipi wedding in 2021.

Where Can I have a Tipi Wedding?

As of July 2021 wedding venues that are already registered can host weddings outside in a semi -permanent structure (a structure that is erected for less than 28 days) with at least 50% of the area being open and the area must be assessed to be safe and dignified.

This does not apply to places of worship, including the Church of England or the Church of Wales. This regulation is only in place until April 2022, after a governmental review in autumn 2021.

According to Gov.UK, previously wedding venues that were seeking to host weddings and civil partnerships outdoors, and were already registered, had to have a solid structured roof with at least one room which is to be approved for civil weddings and civil partnership registration. #

However, due to the recent pandemic, the Government is looking at making changes to the regulations so that more people can host weddings outdoors safely.

Do you need planning permission for a tipi wedding?

When organising a tipi wedding it is easy to get confused as to whether you need planning permission due to it being a whole outdoor structure.

We can confirm that you do not need planning permission for a tipi wedding as long as it is not erected for more than 28 days on the site where you are hosting the wedding.

How do you plan for a Tipi wedding?

Planning any wedding can seem daunting at first because it looks like such a huge task, especially when you are choosing a unique outdoor tipi wedding with so many options to make it bespoke to you, your relationship, or style.

Below are our key steps to help you plan your dream tipi wedding:


The first step to planning any wedding is to work out your budget. The majority of the budget will be spent on the venue, which in this case is the tipi, and feeding your guests.

So, when planning your budget you need to put aside a large percentage for these.

Guest List: 

Before even looking at tipi wedding packages, the best thing to do is write your guest list. This is because when you begin to approach tipi venue providers, you can give them your guest list quantity and then you can figure out how many tipis you will need.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, feeding your guest takes up a large portion of your budget so knowing your guest list will help you with future planning in terms of catering too.

Time of year:

The time of year when you choose to host your wedding is even more significant with a tipi wedding because it will determine what decor you need.

If it is in summer time, you want to research tipis that can be opened up wider to allow air flow so that your guests are not too hot, whereas if you are hosting your wedding in autumn or winter you may want to consider installing heaters within the tipi so that your guests aren’t too cold.

The time of year can also help you determine what style or theme you want to have at your tipi wedding. For example, for a summer wedding you may wish to look into a theme that involves lots of bright coloured flowers and greenery.

On the contrary, for an autumn wedding you might be interested in a theme including autumn leaves and pine cones. Obviously your theme is not completely determined by the time of year but it may have some influence on your decision.

Tipi Provider and Venue:

As previously mentioned in this blog, there are regulations on where you can host your tipi wedding. We recommend researching around enquiring with venues that you like to query whether they are registered to host weddings.

Often properties will have beautiful scenic fields on the back of their premises but if they are not registered to host weddings indoors you will not be able to host a legitimate wedding on their field.

Additionally, you need to choose a tipi provider that can transport the tipis to your chosen venue, so liaising between the tipi provider and the venue is imperative to organising your wedding.

Furthermore, not all tipi providers offer the same decorations and some might not even offer decorations so researching the correct tipi provider for you is important.

It may be an option to consider a Tipi Wedding Package because these can include decorations, tables, benches, lights and even fire pits depending on the package you select.

Tipi wedding packages can be a lot easier than sourcing all the individual decorations yourself but it is completely up to you and the budget you have available.


After choosing your venue and tipi provider it is important to look into energy, water and toilet facilities. Not all tipi hire companies provide these with your tipi, but there is no need to worry because you can separately hire these in for your wedding day.

Our tip would be to ask your tipi provider if they have any recommendations because it is highly likely they have worked with companies before who provide these services so they may be able to point you in the right direction.


The next step would be to research catering companies that can provide food to tipi weddings. This can be a little more complicated with a tipi wedding because you need to figure out where they are going to cook.

Potentially you might have to hire a separate cooking tent for your catering company but this is something you can discuss with them whilst you are searching around.

The good thing about tipi weddings is that they do not have to be traditional so there does not have to be a set menu.

Anything from cheese boards, to extravagant fruit bowls and even grazing tables work in tipis so you really have the freedom to make your tipi wedding as bespoke to your personality as possible.

How much does a Tipi Wedding cost?

The price of a tipi wedding typically depends on the amount of guests you invite because that will determine how many tipis you require.

For under 100 people we recommend a 2 midi hat tipi to allow enough room for everyone to enjoy the wedding comfortably.

We have a package available for this size which includes a variation of tables, benches, flooring, lights,  and even more for under £3000.

For up to 130 people we recommend a 3 midi hat tipi which comes in a package with tables, benches, flooring, lights, flooring,  a bar, and even more for under £6000.

For 150-200 people we recommend a 3 midi hat with 1 giant hat tipi that comes in a package with tables, benches, flooring, lights, a bar, and even more for under £9000.

For more information on these tipi packages click here

Raw Tipis Weddings:

Raw Tipis is the only carbon neutral tipi hire and events company in England that puts the planet before its profits.

We provide a range of tipis for events including weddings, festivals, private parties and corporate events.

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