Tipi Hire in Berkshire

If you’re searching for a unique and memorable venue for your upcoming tipi event in Berkshire, look no further than Raw Tipis!

Our collection of luxurious tipis are designed to cater to every style and occasion, ensuring a truly special experience. We prioritise attention to detail and strive for perfection to ensure that every event exceeds expectations.

We formed Raw Tipis with the purpose of delivering beautiful and indulgent events without a negative environmental impact. We envision a world of conscious event planners, creators and attendees.

To learn more about our sustainable approach and offerings in Berkshire, check out the links below.


Tipi Weddings and Events in Berkshire

For your wedding to be truly individual, you must find suppliers who can offer something unquestionably special.


Corporate Tipis and Events in Berkshire

Experience a new level of creativity and style at corporate events with our creatively designed tipi set-ups.


Festival Tipis and Events in Berkshire

Step into a world of pure magic by experiencing a whole new level of refinement and fun under the canvas. 


Tipi Parties and Events in Berkshire

Create unforgettable memories with friends and family by hosting a private party in our beautifully designed tipis

Where we travel

Location, Location, Location

We are based in Windsor and cover the following areas in their entirety; London, Greater London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex


Gallery of Past Events

Explore our portfolio of past events showcasing our signature style and stunning locations.


Layouts Examples

Discover our innovative and personalised example event layouts to help bring your unique vision to life.


Green Suppliers

Partnering with sustainable suppliers, we ensure that every detail of your event is beautiful and eco-friendly.


Suggested Venues

Our versatile tipis can transform any venue into a unique and unforgettable event space.