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“We promise beautiful and indulgent events without a negative environmental impact. We all have a role to play in ending the climate crisis and therefore as a carbon-neutral company we are committed to reaching Net Zero in line with the UN Paris Agreement. We want to help stop the earth’s warming and protect the people and places that matter to us most. Yes, we are a small company, but we are doing our bit whilst doing what we love and encouraging others to do the same.”

How are we a CARBON NEUTRAL company?

For RAW Tipis to bring you sustainable events, we knew that from the very beginning we would have to use 100% British-made tipis and equipment wherever possible. 

All materials that go into making our sustainable tipis are sourced locally by Kata Tipis. For instance, each tree used to make the poles is selected as part of a sustainable UK forest management plan approved by the Forestry Commission. Kata Tipis use only the highest-quality materials and their skilled craftsmen have more than 40 years combined experience in crafting long-lasting, sustainable tipis. For all other furniture and decorations we use sustainable supplies, source reclaimed materials to up-cycle in our workshop, or buy second-hand from local antique fairs.

With the help of our Green Advisor, we calculate the carbon footprint of our storage and of each event and offset the carbon emissions that cannot be reduced by planting trees around the world. We even plant a tree for each guest at your event in our Tree-Nation forest. Trees and plants keep oxygen in the air and carbon out, so planting and conserving our forest is crucial to make up for emissions we cannot stop, and we encourage others to do the same.

What are we doing differently?

  • We only use reusable Velcro cable ties – no single-use plastics thrown away after each event!
  • We make a lot of our furniture ourselves out of reclaimed wood. Take a look at our fireplace made from old scaffold boards, our up-cycled barrels, or our wooden bars skilfully made from old pallet boards – you would never know!
  • Where possible we use satellite view to check out the location of the event instead of more car journeys – sounds obvious but that’s a lot of CO2 saved.
  • We like to check out local antique fairs to add to our collection of tipi furniture and accessories – buying used local furniture saves on unwanted delivery emissions and reuses all the old gems that fit so well in our tipis!
  • The strongest vehicles in the UK move our kit around the Home Counties, although these vehicles are diesel (we offset these emissions), this means we can transport all of our tipis and furniture in fewer trips – a lot fewer emissions. As soon as an electric truck comes available in the UK that can drive the distances and pull the weight we need, we are on it!
  • Our hand-made reclaimed wood fire pits only use bioethanol fuel. Biofuel realises no smoke or greenhouse gases, and although we are aware they are not 100% sustainable as the crops take up a lot of land, this is the best option to make your event have less impact, and keep you warm for 11 hours!
  • All of our team wear 100% organic t-shirts from Earth Wardrobe – we love responsible brands!
  • Our festoon poles are made from durable bamboo – not only do they look better than metal their production is zero emissions, it’s then only the delivery we have to offset.
  • We pick our staff for each event wisely, this means if they cannot share the journey with us, we select our team based on their location to the event – smaller journeys mean fewer vehicle emissions to offset.
  • We only take on events within a local radius, this keeps travel emissions low and also means we are always nearby should you need us.

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“Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate, and improving our soil.”